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As Creek Road Cafe's reputation grows, we have received many great comments and reviews. 

The Daytripper with Chet Gardner included us in his article in Texas Highways July 2013

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Way Out West Austin reviewed us on December 1, 2010.
What is up with Dripping Springs? For a small town that just got its first HEB, the place sure has landed a lot of gourmet eateries. From the outside, Creek Road looks like a smallish diner, but the creativity and attention to detail here are large in scope. Above, the Driftwood Crab Cake Salad, with Maryland-style crab cakes packed with lots of crab. The cakes were spicy, and served with a spicy herb aioli. That’s chopped bacon and green apple atop the baby spinach salad, drizzled with a house-made apple-maple bacon vinaigrette. Every bite was crunchy, smoky, sweet and maple-y.
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See below what Rob Balon has to say about Creek Road Cafe on June 24, 2010.
Yes, Dripping Springs Does Have a Fine Dining Restaurant: Welcome to Creek Road CaféWe were beginning to despair that all culinary possibilities were null and void when we recently moved out towards Dripping Springs. But then, like wanderers in the desert chancing upon an oasis, we found the Creek Road Café.

Smack dab in the middle of Dripping Springs on #290, Creek Road is a partnership between two hospitality pros who met while running a ski resort in the northwest.
The menu at Creek Road has expanded and I have yet to try something there that I haven't enjoyed. The soups are amazing and the crab cakes may well be the best in central Texas. We had soft shell crabs from Maryland and a pork tenderloin that was simply delicious. The Trautwein Sauteed Shrimp is a stunning dish served with smoked cheddar and homemade sausage grits.
Best of all, they have a Carrot Cake that is moist, dense, and insanely tasty. I've been low carbing it recently but when I hit my target weight loss, I'm going to celebrate with a slice of this cake: it's that good!
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Click below to read the article about us in the February 2009 issue of Texas Highways!  People are stopping by as they drive through the Hill Country...


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